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Tips For An Effective Email Sales Letter

Nov• 20•11

There are certain basics to writing a good email sales letter. Before starting, write down the objective of the letter. Those few sentences should be a source of focus while writing.

Here are a few tips for writing an email sales letter for results.

1. Remember the power of “you” and “I”. News releases and brochures do not use these words. In a direct appeal letter they can be personal and powerful. In a sales letter the word “you” is of particular importance.

2. Base the letter on benefits. People buy for various reasons, however the more benefits that are tied to a product the more likely a person is to purchase.

3. Keep it simple…and powerful! Use short, hard-hitting sentences. Use emotional words not those that cause analysis. People usually make emotional purchases.

4. Make the letter easy to read… and easy on the eye. Leave lots of white space in the letter.

  • Make bullet lists.
  • Indent paragraphs.
  • A paragraph should have no more than seven paragraphs.
  • Underline a consistently, but in moderation to identify keywords.
  • Use sub-headings.

5. Use testimonials. Nothing instills confidence in a product more than pleased customers.

6. Provide a call to action. The reader should feel a sense of urgency. Mention this call of action in the body and conclusion of the email.

7. Use a reliable email marketing software from a competent provider to make sure all works without any problems.

Here are a few words about the subject line.
The subject line is the headline of an email. Don’t hurry through this element of the email. The subject line will determine whether or not a letter is opened.

Select words wisely.
Anti-spam software has become very sophisticated. Often time legitimate emails are sent to spam folders and are blocked. Use words that preclude your email from being filtered out. There are websites that assist writers by listing words to keep away from.

People love free offers.
Provide discounts or coupons in the letter. There are many kinds of incentives that can be given. It will make a difference.

Now remember the tips and that objective statement. The email will be a winner!

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