Sales Letters and Marketing

Effective Marketing With Sales Letters

Nov• 05•11

With all the wonders of technology it is natural for individuals working in sales and marketing to look for approaches to make prospecting simpler and more productive. While technology has presented many different opportunities when it applies to sales humans are creatures of habit. Some of the most effective approaches have been the use of hand written sales letters.

Consumers have built up resistance to most forms of marketing however the use of a hand written letter has not been used for generations. Research has shown that an individual who receive a letter that was drafted by hand is more likely to be read than one that was just printed up.

The effectiveness of these letters has been predicated on two factors, the first is the uniqueness of the content and that it was personalized and written towards the targeted audience. Second item is the call to action contained within the letter. The call to action must highlight the benefit of the product or service being offered.

There are some sales and marketing campaigns that focus on the features of what is being promoted however research has demonstrated that consumers make buying decisions based on the benefits of what is being proposed.

Something that has been proposed when constructing these campaigns is to provide follow up letters, there are certain firms that only send out one solicitation and stop at that however firms that have a detailed plan of sending out letters to their clients on an ongoing basis. Each and every time an individual receives something they will be more likely to read it and act on it.

When constructing these letters it’s recommended to use hand written labels as well on the envelope. The consumer who views the hand written envelop will be more likely to open the letter since they’ll wonder who sent them the letter.

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