Sales Letters and Marketing

Creating sales letters

Oct• 22•11

Sales letters, whether being hand delivered, inserted in other mailings, mailed individually or sent through email marketing campaigns, is a way for your business to promote products and special pricing. This way of grabbing the attention of your current and potential customer base is a way to generate business as a properly worked and organized sales letter will draw attention and drive traffic and business in your direction. Sales letters can be crafted to suit your needs, and be written in a professional style which allows you to express some creativity to meet the needs of your known and potential customer base.

The first step in creating a sales letter is to determine the length of the sale itself. Once you know if the sale is for short period of time or a more lengthy sale, you will then be able to determine the method of getting the letter out and in to the hands, or inbox\’s of your clients. The medium used to send the letter is dependent on the time sensitivity of the sale. For example, if you are having a two-day only sale very soon, you would employ your main website, social media page and email to get the letter out to customers in a fast and efficient manner. However, if you are planning a sale which will run over a longer period of time and will start in a few weeks, you can use not only the methods as for fast turn around sales letter disbursement, you can also send brochures with sales letters, sales letters with attached business cards or simply just sales letters to customer and others by the use of snail mail.

The wording itself of your sales letter needs to be casual, yet professional. You need to avoid spelling and grammatical errors. The parameters of the sale itself need to stated clearly and include location information, sale dates, pricing, product availability and contact information. The sales letter is a way to generate business and by placing the key information regarding the sale in your letter, you will help ensure success.

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